A Service for every Destination

We provide our services to almost every core sector of businesses. Our services are transforming the ways of businesses in the following sectors by benefiting them saving their cost by moving their goods through Transloop.

The perfect way to get through your everyday goods transportation needs. City transportation vehicles are available 24/7 and you can book and transport your goods in an instant. With rides starting from as low as Rs. 99/-, you can choose from a wide range of options!

Move your goods out of town at affordable one-way and round-trip fares with Transloop’s intercity transport service. Choose from a range of loading vehicles driven by top partners, available in 1 hour or book upto 24 hours in advance. We have you covered across different cities of India.

With Transloop Rentals you get a vehicle at your disposal. So be it a day long business trips for moving your goods, we have you covered. Packages start at 1 hour and can be extended upto 12 hours!


Managing your restaurant day-to-day is going to rely on fresh ingredients being delivered to your kitchen exactly when you need them. This definitely doesn’t happen by magic. Great suppliers and distributors are definitely out there, but you need to plan carefully to set up a system that works for your business. Finding Transloop to manage the transport and delivery of all your fresh, perishable ingredients is what makes your business grow by leaps and bounds.


A hospital is a complex technical system of many actions, structures, material flows and people. Different wards and areas of operations are involved in the daily routine of a hospital. Chemists, storage, laundry, kitchen, administration, laboratory, sterilisation, cleaning, disposal etc. are influencing the success of a hospital enormously. With the help of our professional support your hospital can be quickly led to the desired aims.

Wholesale/ Retail Businesses

You need to get your clients' goods where they need to go and minimize your risks en route. We've got trucks on the road that keep a tight schedule, stock with precise temperature requirements, inventory that needs to be accurately tracked. Transloop appreciates the challenges you face when providing warehousing and distribution for your customers. For the transportation stage of your operation, we design flexible risk solutions that make sure you've got all the coverage you need, none that you don't, and extras for the higher risk "special deliveries."

Wedding/ Events

Planning the logistics for a wedding event and event management is all about the integrated planning and control of moving event merchandise, food, transport, equipment, and people to be at the event site on time and in the most efficient and cost-effective manner while also monitoring the internal and external networks you can rely on Transport for your effective logistics plan for an event.

Real Estate/ Construction

Transloop help in the movement of materials and equipment from where they originate to where the workforce needs them. This material and equipment need to arrive on time and undamaged. A simple illustration of logistics for construction sites is moving precast concrete from the plant it is made into the site.

Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing and logistics go hand in hand. Manufacturers must receive raw material inbound and send out product to customers outbound. To take a quick step back, logistics refers to the forward and reverse flow of goods and services to retailers, businesses, and consumers. Yet, this model is growing old and inefficient, we have re-evaluate logistics & transportation processes to keep the manufacturing sector competitive by saving their cost of operations.

Export Import industry

Your product is important to you and getting it to its destination – on time, within budget, and undamaged – is critical. Focus on manufacturing and creating top-notch products and the best service possible for your customers. Let an established, quality-oriented Transloop handle the rest.